Tongue Twisting Rhinos

I have an embarrassing confession to make.

Yes, another one. I’m full of them.

I have a learning disorder.

A very, very specific learning disorder.

I cannot remember how to say “rhinoceros.”

No, really.

In casual conversation, if I have to say “rhinoceros,” I will generally pause before speaking. Why? Because instead of saying “rhinoceros,” I instinctively want to call it a “rhinososaurus.”

Yes, like a dinosaur. Which, if you think about it, kind of makes sense. Is there any mammal more prehistoric-looking than the rhinoceros? It has horns. Horns! You know what animals have horns? Unicorns, narwhals, and the noble but dead triceratops.  Using science, it’s plain to see the following: if  unicorns are fictitious and narwhals are sea creatures (as well as the sworn enemy of man), it’s only logical that the rhinoceros must be related to the triceratops.

So yes, I want to call rhinoceroses “rhinososauruses” (especially when speaking of them in the plural).

Now, thanks to this dress, I’ll be trying to remember whether they’re called rhinoceroses, rhinososauruses, or rhinostones.

Thanks, ModCloth. As if I weren’t confused enough.

Side note: how sweet would it be if that eye could light up? Seriously, all you need is one laser installed in the eye and this would be the coolest dress ever. Especially if it could sweep across the room, like a Cylon or Terminator. That would be awesome.

ModCloth Nümph Rhinostone Dress – $76.99

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