Public Service Announcement #15: Memorial Day

Public Service Announcement #15: Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Remember: it's now safe to wear white, but it's never okay to wear Ed Hardy. License plate has been changed to protect identity of driver. Yes, I do have giant biceps in comparison to my tiny, ineffectual fists.

A Versatile Skirt 1

A Versatile Skirt
I've mentioned this before, but I have a BFA in Screenwriting. Yes, I went to college with the specific goal of breaking into a highly competitive, over-saturated field. I've spent countless hours staring at blinking cursors, writing and rewriting a sentence to make a joke work, waiting anxiously for feedback from friends and anonymous readers. ...

Maybe Try a Staring Contest? 2

Maybe Try a Staring Contest?
I'm the first to admit that I tend to over-analyze graphic t-shirts that probably should just be taken at face value. So this time, I'm going to keep it simple. Do you get it? Do you? See, everyone blinks, and blinking means you like her. So everyone likes her. OMG ROFL LMAO SO CLEVER. Also: ...

Birthday ShopBop & Louboutins 4

Today is my birthday, and I'm trying to head into my 26th year with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Yes, the likelihood of my sunshine-and-daisies positive attitude lasting longer than a day is slim - and if one more person forgets to card me, I might cut a bitch ...

Riding Bootdals 5

Riding Bootdals
Hey guys, check these out! Super cute boots, right? Little wedge heels, a Bottega Veneta-esque basket weave along the sides, and the leather's a great transition color for spring and fall. You're probably pretty invested in these boots now, right? These could be the boots you've been searching for. You want to see the front ...

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