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I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a BFA in Screenwriting. Yes, I went to college with the specific goal of breaking into a highly competitive, over-saturated field.

I’ve spent countless hours staring at blinking cursors, writing and rewriting a sentence to make a joke work, waiting anxiously for feedback from friends and anonymous readers. Days, months, years spent on a craft that I hoped would one day result in dozens of successful scripts and my very own Scrooge McDuck-style swimming pool of gold coins.

But, having spent some time on the ShopBop site, I think it’s safe to say that it’s official: I’m definitely in the wrong line of work.

All that time spent slaving over a hot computer and I could have been buying bathmats at Target for $14.99, then reselling them for $1,500 on ShopBop.

I know, it seems pricey, but just think about it this way: buy one of these skirts and you won’t have to spend another dime on towels. Given how ineffective public restroom hand dryers are, I think we can all agree that a wearable towel is definitely worth $1,500.

ShopBop Ellery Versatile Ruffled Shade Skirt – $1,500

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