A ModCloth Snapshot

I was originally going to add this model to the ModLOL collection, but I couldn’t figure out a way to properly LOL-speak her. That’s when I realized: maybe I was going in the wrong direction. Maybe she wasn’t a ModLol at all. Maybe that gaze into the distance had a deeper pathos than the usual happy-go-lucky ModLols.

Instead, I decided to caption her.

Robert promised her that his extensive Taylor Swift album and memorabilia collection meant nothing, but Elaine still suspected that he had other reasons for being with her.


Saundra never expected that her severe myopia would result in a lucrative career as a Taylor Swift impersonator. The money was too good to turn down, but she couldn’t quiet the nagging fear that she was slowly losing herself to the woman she pretended to be every day. Some nights – when it was very dark and still – she would lie awake, wondering where Saundra ended and Taylor began.


If you have a caption, post it in the comments section and I’ll repost it here.
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