Need Some Reader Help

Artist rendering of how I will feel after reading through 677 posts on my own.

I mentioned this on the fanpage but: after my awesome “convert a bunch of tags to categories” spree the other night, I have now realized that this screwed up a bunch of the links within my posts.

Given that there are nearly 700 posts and I really don’t want to spend the next day and a half reading all of them, I need some help. If any of you would be willing to look through a month or two worth of posts looking for broken links, I would really appreciate the help.

If you’re up for the challenge, email me at for assigned months. In exchange, you will get a gold star and my eternal gratitude. Also, a mention in a thank-you post. And maybe some taffy.

Okay, there probably won’t be taffy. Unless you have taffy while you’re re-reading posts. In which case, there will be taffy.

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