The Friday Thing: ModCloth 3

It’s Friday (Friday) and I’m hanging out at a Coffee Bean and feeling lazy, so here are some random ModCloth picks to take you through the weekend. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to eavesdrop on a bunch of strangers’ conversations, because there is nothing better than the inane things you hear at a Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills.

BB Dakota at ShopStyle

Left: ModCloth Big Pitch Dress – $49.99
Center: ModCloth Flight As a Feather Dress – $59.99 (out of stock, waiting list available)
Right: ModCloth Style Is Style Dress – $72.99

I doubt any of these three would work on me, but I love them all the same. My favorite is definitely the Big Pitch Dress – it looks like something straight out of Faye Dunaway’s wardrobe in Network.

It’s worth noting that the “Style is Style” dress is named after a blogger. Despite the fact that this dress marks yet another month that this blog goes unacknowledged by the ModCloth Naming Committee, I won’t let that prejudice my picks. It’s a cute dress. It might have been cuter if it were called the “You Want Me To Wear What Dress,” but it’s still a cute summer dress.

Tulle at ShopStyle

Left: ModCloth Karaoke Dokie Skirt – $39.99
Center: ModCloth Santa Barbara B&B Top – $42.99
Right: ModCloth Happy Bunch Skirt – $49.99

I’m a little obsessed with striped tops at the moment, and the Santa Barbara top is a nice change from the usual blue and white options. It has a nice drape and an open neckline – two things that make it perfect for early summer nights (or daytime in the perpetually chilly Santa Barbara).

On the other hand, I never wear patterned skirts, but these are two really cute options. The Happy Bunch skirt has a great vintage look to it, like it was made using housecoats and aprons from the early 60s. The Karaoke Dokie skirt is a fresh take on a zebra print – something I’d never consider wearing normally, but without the stark white/black contrast, it becomes much more accessible.


Left: ModCloth Water Signs Ring – $9.99
Center: ModCloth Salon Sophisticate Necklce – $19.99
Right: ModCloth Triple Threat Wedge – $74.99

I love stacking rings, I love art deco, and I’ve been living in a surprisingly comfortable pair of Old Navy cork wedges. This trio is my perfect storm of accessories. I’m especially intrigued by the wedges – I’m pretty sure they will last a lot longer than the Old Navy ones I’ve been living in.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to procrastinating by making fake Twitter accounts and really stupid Tumblrs. Have a good weekend!

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