The Painting of Dionne Davenport 2

There’s something heartwarming about the fact that, 15 years later, Clueless is still relevant enough to warrant an officially licensed tank top.

But that’s not the point of this post. This tank is really just an excuse for me to ask:

What kind of insane pact with Satan/Picture of Dorian Gray shit is Stacey Dash pulling? She was 30 in Clueless. She’s 45 now. She still looks like she’s 25.

Yes, I realize many people have mentioned this before, but it’s still absolutely baffling. How is Stacey Dash not a spokeswoman for her own line of creams and serums?

I don’t care if she maintains her youthful glow by bathing in the blood of virgins and moisturizing with the tears of babies that she harvests at her very own baby farm. If she is selling bottles of baby tears on QVC, I will buy them. I will worship her as a deity, offering daily sacrifices of nose rings and Dr. Seuss hats if it means I can look half as good at 45.

Forever 21 Clueless Tank – $13.80

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