Arch Nemesis 5

As we all know, Jeffrey Campbell has some interesting opinions on what parts of a shoe are and aren’t important. While you and I might believe that the basic shape of a shoe doesn’t need to be improved upon, Jeffrey Campbell is all about finding new ways to deconstruct the shoe for minimum wearability.

So, we’ve already conquered the heel and the toe bed. What more can be removed from a shoe to create a look that’s uniquely Jeffrey Campbell?

Arch support is for sad women in sweat pants and faded Tweety Bird shirts, not for fashionistas. If your arches can’t support themselves, what good are they? How hard is it for your arches to stay stable in heels without the aid of an insole? Do you have chubby arches? Then keep your insoles – these shoes are for slim, appealing arches. You can take you tarches (when your arches are so fat they blend into your toes) to Dr. Scholl’s, because we don’t want any aesthetically offensive arches here.

And lest you think that the archless shoe might be limited to a single style, an individual stroke of genius on the part of the Jeffrey Campbell design team, rest assured that they were so pleased with their creation that they designed several shoes with the same lack of arch  support. Y’know, because it’s so versatile.

Just what the spectator wedge was missing: gaping holes where one would expect to find vital structural support. How whimsical! How witty! How chic!

It’s times like these when I wonder if Jeffrey Campbell is secretly being paid by podiatrists to wreak havoc on the innocent feet of gullible fashionistas. I’m not saying he is, but I’m not saying the idea is beyond reason either.

Jeffrey Campbell Skyroom Wedges – $189.95
Jeffrey Campbell Jumper – $184
Jeffrey Campbell Benched Cut Out Platforms – $187

This was supposed to go up last Friday to wrap up Jeffrey Campbell week, but instead I was distracted by shiny objects, adorable children, and bad monster movies.

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5 thoughts on “Arch Nemesis

  1. Reply Annabelle Jul 28, 2011 10:36 pm

    These make my feet hurt just looking at them.
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  4. Reply Brooklyn Burke Dec 10, 2016 10:18 am

    Dangerous for those who are truly ticklish!~

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