Blasé Moddle is Blasé 2

ModCloth has a new model in their stable (or new to me, which makes her new to the world as far as I’m concerned). Other than her awesome hair and slight resemblance to a young Rachel Leigh Cook, what’s most striking about this new model is how completely blasé she appears to be in all her photos. This isn’t the quiet strength and serenity of the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth. Her expression falls somewhere between “Ugh, another lame school assembly?” and “Family reunions suck, but at least my creepy uncle is sneaking me some Pabst.”

I imagine that she’s coolly surly, wears scarves to keep her hair off her face on hot days, and paints really amazing murals. She’s the girl who dyed her hair black and shaved half of it off her sophomore year of high school, just because.  She spent a year in Paris rather than going to college. She drinks scotch neat. Everything she says has an implied eye roll – the fact that she even has to answer your question at all is an inconvenience. She’s not an angry person, but this world is just too exhaustingly mundane for her to bother. Bizarre things happen to her, but nothing fazes her at this point.

So when you compliment her on her unusual earrings, she tells you what happened:

Just another day in the life of the Blasé Model.

ModCloth Plume Perfect Earrings – $12.99

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