Fun With Search Terms 4

I’ve used some pretty strange search terms, mostly thanks to this blog. Examples: “Hillary Clinton wearing khaki shorts” and “Cross dressing Bugs Bunny.” So, when it comes to a list of “People Who Should Not Throw Stones,” I’m right up there. Without context, just about any string of words can sound like some perverse fetish. Although to be fair, I do have a thing for Secretaries of State in casual sportswear.

Which is why I’m giving this searcher the benefit of the doubt.

After all, they might just be a music aficionado. Who can forget the classic jazz standard “Rock That Bitch Hard,” as made famous by Dean Martin? And of course, there’s the little known fact that the original lyrics to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” were: “We will/We will/Rock that bitch hard with our meat.” Freddie Mercury changed the lyrics after complaints that it was too difficult to chant at hockey games.

It’s also possible that they are referencing the French New Wave film Rock Qui Salope Dur Avec Votre Viande. At the time, it was considered revolutionary for its use of nonlinear narrative, but in recent years it has fallen out of favor due to the controversial scene in which the lead character beats a dog with a side of beef.

The person could also be researching the war of 1812. It has been widely reported that “Men, let us rock that bitch hard with our meat!” was the battle cry of Commander Oliver Hazard Perry as he led American troops to victory at the Battle of Lake Erie. Yes, there are many explanations for why someone would be searching for “Rock that bitch hard with your meat.”

As for this search … yeah, I’m not even going to try to explain it.

I hope both searchers found what they were looking for. However, judging by the fact that they never came back to the blog, I’m guessing they didn’t find it here.

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