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Everyone knows that designers love co-opting other cultures. Last year was all about “ethnic” (ie: generic African) jewelry, but we’re moving a little closer to home for this season. So, break out your ceremonial headdresses and yucca fiber skirts, because this fall is all about tribal prints!

That’s right: we took their land, we gave them alcohol, and now we’re using traditional designs as a passing fad.

Navajo prints get an elevated update with this shimmery sheen maxi dress. Semi-sheer sleeves and dress with slip finishes at ankles.

If the Navajo Nation weren’t a sovereign state*, I’m pretty sure this dress would make them secede from the US.  It’s bad enough to blatantly co-opt another culture’s heritage, but to recreate it in polyester spandex? That’s unforgivable.

Try as I might, though, I can’t take issue with the description of the dress. After all, nothing screams “elevated” quite like shiny polyester. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been invited to a black tie event and found myself surrounded by glamorous women in dresses made from the same fabric as a cheap Halloween costume.

My favorite part is this customer review:

I just got this dress in the mail and I am beyond pleased with it. It is so classy and sophisticated. The material is fantastic and it is very well made. It is also comfortable. I feel like I could wear this to an evening party. Bebe , please get more long and elegant dresses!

Yes, Bebe. Please get more long and elegant dresses. It’s so rare that I find a dress that perfectly matches my stiletto moccasins. Now, if only I could find my buckskin Spanx …

Bebe Addiction Tribal Sheen Maxi Dress – Out of Stock (was $149)

*I absolutely love this clip:

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    Yay, you’re back!

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