OnePiece of Work 8

OnePiece of Work
I have an amazingly supportive, awesome aunt named Carolynne who happens to also be a big fan of this blog. In and of itself, the fact that she reads the blog at all is really flattering. But even cooler is the fact that she when she saw a crime against fashion and common sense, she ...

Nightmare On Aisle Three 3

Nightmare On Aisle Three
Let's say you're a six year old at the grocery store with your mom. As you stand next to her, chattering excitedly about whatever nonsense small children spout, you happen to look at the lady in line ahead of you. Normally you're not particularly observant - after all, you're six - but on this particular ...

Returning … Eventually 1

Returning ... Eventually
At right: my new favorite meme, because I'm a nerd. This semester has been hell. I've been in one of three places: 1) The rock lab, staring into a microscope to look at pretty minerals. 2) My car, somewhere between the 10 and the 118 on the 405 freeway. 3) My bed, sleeping upright with ...

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