Returning … Eventually 1

At right: my new favorite meme, because I’m a nerd.

This semester has been hell. I’ve been in one of three places:

1) The rock lab, staring into a microscope to look at pretty minerals.

2) My car, somewhere between the 10 and the 118 on the 405 freeway.

3) My bed, sleeping upright with my laptop still in my lap, hands still on the keyboard.

I’ve also been working part-time doing some social media consulting for a really cool product, the SousVide Supreme. So, there hasn’t really been much time for surfing the internet, aimlessly searching for awful clothes.


The semester is heading into its final month, and I’m trying to take on fewer projects outside of school. What does this mean for you, loyal readers and random Googlers of “death penalty hospital gown” (seriously)? It means that, come mid-May, the blog will be back. Maybe not with the same posting frequency – I’ll have to see what my summer school and work commitments will allow – but it will be back. I also have a couple posts I want to make in the next week or two, so make sure to keep an eye on the Facebook fanpage for updates.

In the meantime, get your YWMTWW fix by poking through the archives for all the brilliant posts you might have missed. Or challenge me on Wordfeud if you have an iPhone, because I’m obsessed with it and need my fix.

- Amanda

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