Shut Up is the New You’re Insufferable 2

I rarely judge people for what they wear. If I see someone wearing something I’ve posted on this blog, my response is generally “Oh, so that’s how it’s supposed to look.”


Fitness Maternity T-Shirt

If I see you wearing this shirt, there is a 90% chance I’m going to think you’re an asshole. You’ll get a 10% benefit of the doubt, because maybe you had a house fire and the only thing you could save was this awful gag gift from your coworkers before you went on maternity leave. And even then, I’ll kind of judge you, because how did you not immediately turn this shirt into your favorite cleaning rag?

I keep wanting to get into a feminist rant about how this is tied into a gross body-shaming culture, and how women are trained to be competitive with each other purely for the sake of commerce, but … I just can’t. Because there’s a larger problem that’s looming over this post …

This is a maternity shirt. Which means that the asshole wearing this shirt? Is going to reproduce.

Etsy EmikayApparel Fitness Maternity T-Shirt – $35

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2 thoughts on “Shut Up is the New You’re Insufferable

  1. Reply Meredith Mar 12, 2014 1:47 am

    DANG GIRL! Where did you go? I come across your “hills haves eyes” post by chance, decide to get current and realize you quit posting as of June last year? Lame! This one totally had me! Look at me over here.. All under the impression for a couple minutes, that I actually found a blogger I could stand. ;P

  2. Reply Sabiaceae May 15, 2018 10:06 am

    Good man! Here is an important offer for you.

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