When Subtext Attacks

True story: when I was at NYU, one of my professors was … lovably eccentric. Basically, imagine a man with the mind and speech patterns of Woody Allen and the mannerisms of Christopher Lloyd.

Given this very unique combination, it’s no surprise that the man was prone to some unusual tangents about the deeper meaning in films. One in particular stands out to me: Professor Dickerman’s interpretation of Jaws.

I’m not going to do this justice, but bear with me.

Essentially, his argument was that Jaws is actually a modern retelling of the vagina dentata myth, with the shark standing in for a fanged lady-area. That’s why three men go out to fight and kill the shark, and why Brody kills it with the always suggestive harpoon gun.

Quint living out the vagina dentata nightmare.

It’s also why the shark eats Quint crotch-first.


With that in mind, check out this bathing suit.



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