Maybe They’ll Make Spice Racks, Too 5

Maybe They'll Make Spice Racks, Too
This Alexander Wang dress comes to us courtesy of Ariel, who posted it on the fanpage and wrote: Maybe it's cheaper to manufacture three-quarters of a dress. This is a recession after all. Oh, there are so many reasons this dress would have been economical to manufacture. Working without a pattern will definitely cut costs. ...

Take Me To Anna Wintour 1

Take Me To Anna Wintour
I never imagined that aliens would look so much like models - but, if the ShopBop website is any indication, I was wrong. Here's a great photo from their site of a newly discovered extraterrestrial, wearing what I can only assume is a ceremonial outfit. Wait - this is a warrior costume for a race ...

Dress the Tires 4

Dress the Tires
I've always wanted to go to one of those car washes where you can sit in the car the whole time. It just looks fun, like a children's ride at Disneyland. Only, instead of being on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and getting hit by a train and going through Hell (no, seriously), you get a ...

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