Maddening Style 2

Maddening Style
It's no secret that I am one of the many people who love Mad Men. From the reveal at the end of the pilot that Don was married all the way through his inexplicably proposing to the insufferably toothy Megan, I've watched every episode with rapt devotion. Even when I was left yelling "What?? No. ...

Friday Feets: New Years Eve Shinys 3

Friday Feets: New Years Eve Shinys
Tonight is Christmas Eve, which means any of the following: ham, pine trees, winter break, mistletoe, cookies, old fat men breaking into your house and leaving you presents while his elk or whatever eat all your grass and ruin the lawn. But, beyond all else, it means that New Years Eve ...

Swegging Swagger 1

Swegging Swagger
Let me say, before I go any further, that I am not in favor of leggings as pants. I just want to make that very clear. If you're going to wear leggings as pants - and I'm not suggesting you should; in fact, I strongly advise against it. But if you were, all I'm saying ...

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