Wear It To Your Homecoming Rain Dance 3

Wear It To Your Homecoming Rain Dance
Everyone knows that designers love co-opting other cultures. Last year was all about "ethnic" (ie: generic African) jewelry, but we're moving a little closer to home for this season. So, break out your ceremonial headdresses and yucca fiber skirts, because this fall is all about tribal prints! That's right: we took their land, we gave ...

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever 4

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever
With less than a week till Halloween, there isn't much time left to order a costume online. The good news is, your Halloween costume is only as far as the nearest Bebe store. You know what Wonder Woman's outfit was missing? Giant saddlebag-inspired pockets. Sure, they're wildly unflattering, but where else are you going to ...

Yarrrr Addicted

Yarrrr Addicted
Bebe recently launched a new line, bebe Addiction. It's pretty much like regular Bebe, except when someone asks "What, is that Bebe?" you can say "No, it's Bebe Addiction." So, what can you expect from Bebe Addiction? A tank top with Davy Jones' lucha libre mask on it. Bebe Addiction Tribal Embroidered Tank - $54

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