Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip Nope

Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip Nope
Is it just me, or does the pattern on this dress look familiar? I'm thinking it's the 8-bit version of the Yip Yip martians, but this might be some sort of pop-cultural Rorschach test. What do you see? Forever 21 Tribal Print Contrast Dress - $24.80

A Simple Prayer 1

A Simple Prayer
Dear God, Please, let me never be in a situation where I need to run into Forever 21 and buy a pack of deodorizing body wipes. Thanks, Amanda Forever 21 Deodorizing Body Wipes - $1.80

Coincidental Kits 3

Coincidental Kits
You know how sometimes the clinically insane become convinced that the television is trying to communicate with them? On the left, Forever 21's Japanese Fox Top. On the right is my dog, Kit. Is someone at Forever 21 trying to let me know that they've read the blog and they agree with me? Is it ...

Mod Faux Vintage 2

Mod Faux Vintage
Forever 21 knows what you like. They could sense that your legs were feeling coy. They anticipated the Pirate Dog craze that's sweeping the nation. They knew that the time was right for a Vatican/Jersey Shore collaboration. So, when you say that you like vintage clothes, Forever 21 cuts right to the quick. They know ...

St. The Situation 2

St. The Situation
As you've probably heard, the upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore will be set in Italy, because MTV feels that Italy hasn't been sufficiently punished for World War II. Alternately, MTV is still fighting the war and has resorted to biological and chemical warfare. Either way, MTV's plans backfired. The sentient petri dishes known as ...

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