Faire Game 6

Faire Game
Words upon words have been spent giving women tips on how to make their office wear go from the office to a night out. This is, of course, valuable information for the majority of women out there. However, there are some women who have, until now, gone unacknowledged. At long last, Frederick's of Hollywood has ...

She Shells 4

She Shells
Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it: bikinis are way too concealing. It's like, hello, it's not the 1920s. There's no need for a bathing dress anymore. What are we, Puritans? Fortunately, Frederick's of Hollywood - the last bastion of good taste - has found a way to combat the smothering embrace ...

Eye Spy 2

In the past, I have claimed that a particularly busy pattern on a skirt or top reminds me of a Magic Eye picture.I think that this dress actually is meant to be one. Can you see it?Frederick's Of Hollywood Drape Front Sublimation Dress - $49

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