Down-Home Diva 1

Down-Home Diva
These are some difficult economic times we live in. Unemployment is still high, gas prices are rising, and Beanie Baby futures didn’t pan out as expected. Belts are being tightened on elastic waist pants all around the nation. And yet, if you turn on E! you’d be hard-pressed to find this reality reflected in our ...

Taking Flight 1

Taking Flight
After my first Quacker Factory post, I promised myself that I would check in regularly with those wizards of bedazzling. But like so many of my promises, I got distracted by a shiny object and totally forgot about it. And oh, what a mistake that was. I nearly missed this classic Quacker Factory offering. Nothing ...

The I of the Tiger 1

The I of the Tiger
Last week, I was searching for a picture of button covers to include in my Gap overall dress post. It was harder to find a good photo than I expected (mine was courtesy of an eBay listing - no, I don't know if it sold). But in my searches, I came across a shirt by ...

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