Haremoggant 2

Did you know that there are children in Asia who don't own pants? Yes, there are thousands - maybe millions - of children who go pantsless every single day. And yet, despite the hardships faced by others, American designers continue to flaunt our fabric surplus with harem pants. Look at them. They're the sartorial equivalent ...

You Forgot Baggy and Oversized 2

You Forgot Baggy and Oversized
This must be from Forever 21's newest line, "Stating the Obvious." I suggest accessorizing with a statement purse.Yes, those two will go together nicely. Now if only you could buy pants that read "These Keep My Legs From Getting Cold" or something equally as creative, your outfit would be complete. Forever 21 Black and Shiny ...

Support Garments 1

Support Garments
Nicole M. posted this to the fanpage. Normally, I like to respond to comments with my usual wit and nuance, but in this case, all I could muster was "Are they high at Forever 21?" Because, seriously, that's the only explanation for why they thought a black lace bra on top of a white t-shirt ...

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