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I've decided to discontinue "Friday Feets" - it's just way too time-consuming and I'm not getting many clicks or bringing in any new readers, so it's hard to really justify doing it. I might go back to it when I have less stuff on my plate, but for now, it's getting shelved. I'm not sure ...

Flag Day

Flag Day
I was a very literal kid - strange, given that I was also a very creative child. When we had to make a dance at camp to the song "Hard Day's Night," I lobbied for us to pantomime actual work by pretending to wield pick axes. I still am unsure as to why my go-to ...

Strained Cheesecloth 1

Strained Cheesecloth
Sometimes, a photo just doesn't do a dress justice. Sometimes, a photo doesn't do the model justice. And then sometimes, this happens. There are many other pictures of this dress not looking quite so wildly unflattering. How did the stylist on set not stop and say, "Hey guys, maybe we should work a little harder ...

Pleasantness 4

I absolutely love this dress. That is all. Go about your day. No snark to see here. ModCloth Cause For Celebration Dress - $122.99

Friday Feets: Stuff I Want to Own 7

Friday Feets: Stuff I Want to Own
This blog's entire existence is the direct result of three things: a love of clothes, an almost pathological need to share my thoughts with others, and a body that is very, very difficult to dress. Two of those three reasons - my love of clothes and my impossible-to-dress body - are what inspired my new ...

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