Public Service Announcement #15: Memorial Day

Public Service Announcement #15: Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Remember: it's now safe to wear white, but it's never okay to wear Ed Hardy. License plate has been changed to protect identity of driver. Yes, I do have giant biceps in comparison to my tiny, ineffectual fists.

Boo! (hoo, hoo) 1

Boo! (hoo, hoo)
I am not much of a tea or coffee drinker. In fact, other than soda while I'm hosting trivia, I drink almost exclusively water. It's one of the few healthy things I do in life (the other being that I have limited my rubber cement huffing to once a month and special occasions). I might, ...

Public Service Announcement #14: Body Lotion 1

Public Service Announcement #14: Body Lotion
As I first reported in Public Service Announcement #4, the Ed Hardy line includes perfumes and colognes. Given that they've been in the eau du douche market for some time now, it's not shocking that the line has been expanded to include scented lotion. Nor is it shocking that the scented lotion has glitter in ...

Wood You Wear This? 6

Wood You Wear This?
This was posted on the fanpage by Jac last week, when I couldn't find anything to post. Said Jac ... It's like 1970s wood panelling for your body. First and foremost, I'd like to take issue with the ModCloth Naming Committee's choice for this swimsuit. They went with "Daiquiris on the Deck One Piece," which ...

She Shells 4

She Shells
Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it: bikinis are way too concealing. It's like, hello, it's not the 1920s. There's no need for a bathing dress anymore. What are we, Puritans? Fortunately, Frederick's of Hollywood - the last bastion of good taste - has found a way to combat the smothering embrace ...

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