Won’t You Be My Blocker?

Won't You Be My Blocker?
I have a well-chronicled dream of one day being a badass. As such, I occasionally entertain the idea of joining a roller derby league. It's a fleeting thought - not because the last time I wore anything with wheels I was 12 and it ended in a broken wrist, or because I get enough bruises ...

Stay On the Path 3

Stay On the Path
If this jacket weren't $7000 with tax, I would totally buy it. Then, on nights with a full moon, I would run through the streets yelling, "The transformation! It's begun!" Aleander McQueen Shearling-Sleeve Leather Jacket - $6,855

Costume Ideas #24: Cruella de Vil 1

Costume Ideas #24: Cruella de Vil
Many people complain that stores start pushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year, but my biggest issue is when they push Halloween early. I love Halloween, but it's a decidedly "fall" holiday, and I'm just not ready to deal with it in July. Now that I'm back at school, I'm starting to face the inevitability ...

Friday Feets: Stuff I Want to Own 7

Friday Feets: Stuff I Want to Own
This blog's entire existence is the direct result of three things: a love of clothes, an almost pathological need to share my thoughts with others, and a body that is very, very difficult to dress. Two of those three reasons - my love of clothes and my impossible-to-dress body - are what inspired my new ...

Friday Feets: Winter Coats 10

Friday Feets: Winter Coats
I'm headed to New York next weekend for the first time in nearly two years (the last time was for my wonderful ex-roommate Ava's wedding, and more time was spent in Jersey than Manhattan). The trip is for family stuff and I won't have much time to vacation, but I'm just happy to be back ...

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