Stars and Shorts Forever 2

Stars and Shorts Forever
TopShop may be a UK import, but their designers have a firm grasp on the American aesthetic. We love NASCAR and baseball. We watch the idle rich on TV but pride ourselves on frugality. We like red meat on our table and the American flag on our clothes. These are TopShop's American Flag Print Hotpants. ...

All In Vain

All In Vain
Just one question: Ellery exists solely to supply Lady Gaga with sportswear, right? ShopBop Ellery Vain Skirted Leather Shorts - $500 (was $1000)

Disco Down 4

Disco Down
Another reader contribution from over a month ago, because my turnaround time sucks. So it is with much delay that I post this find from Nicole. As she said, Some guy-clothing love, or ... not love. More like ridicule. Who wears these?! In a parade, sure, but ... seriously, guys. I am thrilled to say ...

It Shant Be 5

It Shant Be
These were sent to me by Jes Christenberry, by way of her boyfriend. Said Jes, "I don't know how he found them, all I know is that they are pretty terrible." She included this exchange: Boyfriend: bb do you need pants? Cause I found a pair for you! Me: What is this I don't even. ...

Knuckle Ball

Knuckle Ball
I'm going to drop some knowledge on you guys. Sure, it seems easy to churn out brilliant and witty posts five days a week, but the truth is, writing a post is an exhausting and lengthy process. So please, won't you join me on this journey through the creation of a ...

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