American Idiots 1

American Idiots
Let's say you're the lead singer in a punk band that's been on the music scene for 23 years. We'll call you "Millie Moe Marmstrong" for convenience purposes. So, you're at home one day in your giant house, listening to the Broadway cast recording of a musical based off a self-indulgent concept album you created ...

On Nerdery 8

On Nerdery
Two questions: 1. What is with all the Forever 21 t-shirts extolling the virtues of nerdery? Don't get me wrong - I am a massive nerd, and being a nerd is awesome. But I say I'm a nerd because literally half the counters in my kitchen are covered in rock samples (also, I'm a massive ...

Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One 2

Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One
People sometimes rail against gifts from mainstream stores, as if there's something less original or special about buying presents from a store in a mall. I'm not in that camp. Many a time have I rushed to the mall on December 23rd with a list of friends I forgot to buy gifts for written on ...

Go Flaming Violets!

Go Flaming Violets!
You know what makes me sad? Not only is this shirt cheaper than anything you can buy at the NYU student store, but it probably fits better, too. Forever 21 Vintaged NYU 1831 Tee - $14.80

Read The Basil and Josephine Stories

Read The Basil and Josephine Stories
I am obsessed with F. Scott Fitzgerald. No, really. Obsessed. I realize this is not particularly original, and makes me kind of like those people who list "the Beatles" as their favorite band and act like it makes them a music connoisseur - nearly everyone loves the Beatles, way to find an obscure band there, ...

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