Excuses, part 20 or something

Okay, I have way too much work to do today and not enough time (including, but not limited to, transferring all my files to a new computer because Dell has the best warranty program in the world). I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Feets. In the meantime, a follow-up to the last excuses post, which ...

Fun With Search Terms 2

Fun With Search Terms
Dear Person Who Got To This Blog By Googling "Taylormade Flintstone Boobs," I hope you found what you were looking for. - Amanda

One More Day

One More Day
I have my math final tomorrow and work tonight, which means I need to spend my time doing stupid things like studying rather than writing posts about ugly clothes. So, that sucks for grown-up Amanda. However, 10-year old Amanda has had a banner day. Both Sue the T-Rex and Devon Sawa acknowledged my existence today. ...

Excuses, excuses.

I have a ton of math homework tonight and a math test in two days, so I'm spending the afternoon locked away from online shopping and ugly clothes. But! I'll be done at the end of the week, and after that won't have any legitimate excuses for not posting. I'll be back tomorrow to my ...

Ugh. Responsibilities. 1

I have an algebra test tomorrow, because apparently I am back in high school. As a result, no posts for today, but I'll be back to posting tomorrow. In lieu of posting today, here's a bear cub falling asleep.

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