GPS Dress 4

GPS Dress
The Herve Leger Banded Mesh-Trim Dress: Because sometimes a nude, skintight dress just isn’t subtle enough. The only way to really get your message across is with a road map. Herve Leger Banded Mesh-Trim Dress – $3,200

Beary Fierce 4

Beary Fierce
Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Fuzzy Bodycon Tunic – $19.99

A Simple Prayer 1

A Simple Prayer
Dear God, Please, let me never be in a situation where I need to run into Forever 21 and buy a pack of deodorizing body wipes. Thanks, Amanda Forever 21 Deodorizing Body Wipes – $1.80

Like That Book By Nabokov 8

Like That Book By Nabokov
Fact: I adore GapKids. I can’t wait for the children of America to get fat enough that GapKids starts making clothes in my size. Plain and simple, my devotion to GapKids is of equal intensity as my disdain for The Gap. However, every company is capable of a misstep here or there, such as selling ...

My Halloween Wish 6

My Halloween Wish
This is a post I wrote before Halloween but never posted. Little did I know that Kim and Kris wouldn’t make it to Halloween Eve. I have never been a big believer in The Secret, but I am changing my tune right now. Not only do I believe in it, but I’m asking everyone who ...

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