Bearly Legal Barenstain Bears, vol. 3 2

Bearly Legal Barenstain Bears, vol. 3
From Paleolithic cave drawings to Egyptian statuary, from Peruvian pottery to Roman frescoes, images of fertility and copulation have a long and storied history in mankind’s artistic development. - Dr. Jacques Humperdink, A Clinical Analysis of Pornographic Imagery In keeping with this long and storied tradition, here’s a ring with two bears going at it. ...

It’s the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown! 3

It's the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown!
Halloween is approaching, and even the Blasé ModCloth Moddle is getting into the spirit. It’s nice to see that even the most jaded among us still have some magic in their hearts. ModCloth Lady of Song Hat – $62.99

Faire Game 6

Faire Game
Words upon words have been spent giving women tips on how to make their office wear go from the office to a night out. This is, of course, valuable information for the majority of women out there. However, there are some women who have, until now, gone unacknowledged. At long last, Frederick’s of Hollywood has ...

More On The Gap 3

More On The Gap
When I was a kid, I was terrified of becoming an adult. I vehemently insisted I would never have kids or learn to drive a car. I was going to adopt, live at home, and either bike or have my parents drive me places. As you can imagine, this filled my parents with great hope ...

Coincidental Kits 3

Coincidental Kits
You know how sometimes the clinically insane become convinced that the television is trying to communicate with them? On the left, Forever 21′s Japanese Fox Top. On the right is my dog, Kit. Is someone at Forever 21 trying to let me know that they’ve read the blog and they agree with me? Is it ...

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