All In Vain

All In Vain
Just one question: Ellery exists solely to supply Lady Gaga with sportswear, right? ShopBop Ellery Vain Skirted Leather Shorts – $500 (was $1000)

The Return 2

The Return
Remember that one time when Comedy Central gave Dave Chappelle twenty billion dollars and their firstborn to keep being brilliant and funny, and then he sort of cracked under the pressure and went to South Africa, and everyone thought he had gone crazy but it turns out he was just kind of over it, and ...

Rave Reviews 9

Rave Reviews
Thanks to the hard work and focus of my boyfriend’s coworkers, I am thrilled to share the latest in ravewear (according to a video posted by AMI Clubwear). First and foremost: people still go to raves? Is this a tie in with The 90s Are All That? Because I thought raves stopped being A Thing ...

Arch Nemesis 5

Arch Nemesis
As we all know, Jeffrey Campbell has some interesting opinions on what parts of a shoe are and aren’t important. While you and I might believe that the basic shape of a shoe doesn’t need to be improved upon, Jeffrey Campbell is all about finding new ways to deconstruct the shoe for minimum wearability. So, ...

It’s A Platform! A Platform! 7

It's A Platform! A Platform!
It’s tough being Frankenstein’s Monster. For starters, everyone thinks your name is Frankenstein, which must get frustrating and really lead to some issues with personal identity and independence. It’s hard to find a good concealer to match your skin tone. For the most part you’re lonely, except for that one time the good doctor hooked ...

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