It’s the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown! 3

It's the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown!
Halloween is approaching, and even the Blasé ModCloth Moddle is getting into the spirit. It's nice to see that even the most jaded among us still have some magic in their hearts. ModCloth Lady of Song Hat - $62.99

Coincidental Kits 3

Coincidental Kits
You know how sometimes the clinically insane become convinced that the television is trying to communicate with them? On the left, Forever 21's Japanese Fox Top. On the right is my dog, Kit. Is someone at Forever 21 trying to let me know that they've read the blog and they agree with me? Is it ...

Costume Ideas #24: Cruella de Vil 1

Costume Ideas #24: Cruella de Vil
Many people complain that stores start pushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year, but my biggest issue is when they push Halloween early. I love Halloween, but it's a decidedly "fall" holiday, and I'm just not ready to deal with it in July. Now that I'm back at school, I'm starting to face the inevitability ...

St. The Situation 2

St. The Situation
As you've probably heard, the upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore will be set in Italy, because MTV feels that Italy hasn't been sufficiently punished for World War II. Alternately, MTV is still fighting the war and has resorted to biological and chemical warfare. Either way, MTV's plans backfired. The sentient petri dishes known as ...

Me Llama Alpaca 3

Me Llama Alpaca
Thanks to this Delia*s t-shirt, I have an awesome idea for a TV show. It's called Alpaca's Pack, and it stars Ally Sheedy as Dolores Alpaca, a no-nonsense animal therapist who can, of course, talk to the animals like  a modern-day Dr. Doolittle. She's just gone through a messy divorce and is trying to balance ...

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