Costume Ideas #23: Last Minute Courtesy of F21 7

Costume Ideas #23: Last Minute Courtesy of F21
I know the Bebe costumes from the other day were a bit pricey, so I surfed Forever 21 to find some cheaper last-minute options. If you were inspired by Jim's Three Hole Punch Paper costume from The Office, here's another (low maintenance) paper-related costume. Paper in a shredder. An even easier costume than Jim's since ...

Friday Feets: Forever 21 & Cupcakes 8

Friday Feets: Forever 21 & Cupcakes
Apparently, Forever 21 will be opening a new store on 5th Avenue. I've already informed them that I'll be renting a dressing room from them as an apartment. Given the cost per square foot of most NY apartments, I'm guessing the price of a dressing room will probably be more economical than say, a studio ...

Then What Happened to Carrie Donovan? 6

Then What Happened to Carrie Donovan?
Why do designers keep trying to make the faux fur vest happen? I have never seen someone wear one (celebrities don't count - they're not real). You know why I never see faux fur vests in real life? Because they rarely, if ever, look good. More often than not, the fur looks like someone skinned ...

Modlol Moddles 1

Modlol Moddles
Hey, remember how a couple weeks ago, I turned a ModCloth model into a ModLol? Yeah, that's going to be a thing I do. ModCloth The Cat In the Hood - $68.99

Friday Feets: Jessica Simpson 5

Friday Feets: Jessica Simpson
I've never been big on celebrity designers - much as I love "Tragic Kingdom," I can't get excited about L.A.M.B. But as I've mentioned before, in spite of myself, I kind of love the Jessica Simpson brand. I also kind of want to hang out with Jessica Simpson, for totally narcissistic reasons - she strikes ...

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