Body of Work 2

Body of Work
Tarren posted this about a month ago on the fanpage ... astonishingly, it's still available. Said Tarren: Oh, wow! This is on sale! I wonder why?! I also wonder where the hell the models nipples are! As Tyra would say, you have to make sacrifices if you want to make it as a Top Model. ...

Body Birthday Suit 6

Body Birthday Suit
It's been a few years since I've worn a body suit, thanks to a failed gymnastics career (fun fact: puberty and uneven bars don't mix; also, I am remarkably uncoordinated). Given that the last time I donned a leotard the rest of the world was busy worrying about Y2K, it's entirely possible that I'm a ...

Sisqo Demands It 5

Sisqo Demands It
I was surprised to find that Bebe's New Arrivals section had some not awful things. Or, at the very least, I didn't see any pleather thigh-high spats. For the most part, their new clothes weren't that bad. Not my style, but not gold jumpsuit bad. Of course, asking Bebe not to be trashy is kind of ...

ANTM Meets AA 1

I try not to comment on celebrity fashion, as there are sites that do it far better than I. However, I saw this billboard today for the new cycle of America's Next Top Model, and I had to share it. I have just one question: when did American Apparel start sponsoring America's Next Top Model? ...

Ice, Ice, Baby

I have a fabulous idea for a new Icecapades show. The Palins on Ice! Quick, someone get Levi on the phone before his Playgirl hits newsstands and his rate goes up. I'll bet we can get Willow for cheap, too. Forever 21 Plaid Woven Bodysuit - $19.90

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