Costume Roundup: Scanner? I Hardly Know Her! 8

Costume Roundup: Scanner? I Hardly Know Her!
How do you know when our existence crosses into "dystopian satire?" When "Sexy TSA Agent" costumes become commonplace. I know I'm totally overanalyzing the "Slutty Professional" costume, but at the heart of it, each costume can be summed up as, "I do a very basic, common job ... with sexy results!" What works about the ...

Worldly Knowledge

Worldly Knowledge
Shortly before Miss South Carolina shattered our nation-wide belief that beauty pageants really were about the scholarships, a study on the geographical literacy of the Youth of America™ was released by National Geographic. If you're at all familiar with the Youth of America™ - or if you read my post on Wet Seal's Grammar Fail ...

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