Beary Fierce 4

Beary Fierce
Urban Outfitters Sparkle and Fade Fuzzy Bodycon Tunic - $19.99

Rave Reviews 9

Rave Reviews
Thanks to the hard work and focus of my boyfriend's coworkers, I am thrilled to share the latest in ravewear (according to a video posted by AMI Clubwear). First and foremost: people still go to raves? Is this a tie in with The 90s Are All That? Because I thought raves stopped being A Thing ...

Costume Ideas #23: Last Minute Courtesy of F21 7

Costume Ideas #23: Last Minute Courtesy of F21
I know the Bebe costumes from the other day were a bit pricey, so I surfed Forever 21 to find some cheaper last-minute options. If you were inspired by Jim's Three Hole Punch Paper costume from The Office, here's another (low maintenance) paper-related costume. Paper in a shredder. An even easier costume than Jim's since ...

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever 4

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever
With less than a week till Halloween, there isn't much time left to order a costume online. The good news is, your Halloween costume is only as far as the nearest Bebe store. You know what Wonder Woman's outfit was missing? Giant saddlebag-inspired pockets. Sure, they're wildly unflattering, but where else are you going to ...

C is For Comfort 1

C is For Comfort
Never before have I so desperately wanted to glue googly eyes onto footwear.If I owned these, I would walk around the house all day long singing songs about eating cookies and how my feet felt soft and furry (these would all be different songs, obviously). I'd even give the sexy Sesame Street costumes a pass ...

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