Ruby Rox Dowdiness 3

Ruby Rox Dowdiness
This is unfortunate. The bodice reminds me of old lady lingerie. I think it's the way that the lace starts turning into a v-neck so high up, creating these huge panels of sheer fabric. It just ... it makes me think of giant old woman boobs. And I don't want to think of giant old ...

Bow Down 5

Bow Down
I should not be posting this dress. It's a perfectly nice dress. Not my style, but I don't hate it. Even the giant rosette isn't that offensive to me. In fact, if not for the following picture, this dress never would have made it onto the blog. Only Forever 21 would look at this dress ...

Tube Test

Tube Test
When I say "What is a cheetah print tube top missing," what's your first thought? If it's "A giant floppy bow!", then congratulations - there's a place for you on the Forever 21 design team. Yes, you too can make models look this sulky and miserable. Congratulations! (Seriously, doesn't it look like she's a 6 ...

It’s a Hoot

If Hooters ever decides to open a high-end restaurant, I think I've found their uniforms. Forever 21 Lace Bow Front Top - $34

Mass and Volume

Someone designed this. Someone designed this with the intent of it being worn on the human frame. On the bodies of all sorts of different women. Because, that had to have been the plan. To design a dress with the intention of no one wearing it is a bad business model. According to the ModCloth ...

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