Walk, Walk, Passion Baby 4

Walk, Walk, Passion Baby
Forget about Edward/Bella. Who cares about Brangelina? Romeo and Juliet are old news.I officially ship Porcupine/Balloon. I'm going to get Team Porculoon t-shirts made up to wear whenever I'm not wearing this t-shirt. Yes, I'm rooting for these star-crossed lovers like I've never rooted for a celebrity couple before. I know it may seem strange ...

American Idiots 1

American Idiots
Let's say you're the lead singer in a punk band that's been on the music scene for 23 years. We'll call you "Millie Moe Marmstrong" for convenience purposes. So, you're at home one day in your giant house, listening to the Broadway cast recording of a musical based off a self-indulgent concept album you created ...

On Nerdery 8

On Nerdery
Two questions: 1. What is with all the Forever 21 t-shirts extolling the virtues of nerdery? Don't get me wrong - I am a massive nerd, and being a nerd is awesome. But I say I'm a nerd because literally half the counters in my kitchen are covered in rock samples (also, I'm a massive ...

Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One 2

Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One
People sometimes rail against gifts from mainstream stores, as if there's something less original or special about buying presents from a store in a mall. I'm not in that camp. Many a time have I rushed to the mall on December 23rd with a list of friends I forgot to buy gifts for written on ...

The Uncaged Bird Sings

The Uncaged Bird Sings
I have a tendency to react a little strongly to message ts. This is no exception. The tank reads: "Where is my bluebird?" My guess? He's finally experiencing the sweet taste of liberation, you sadistic little girl. Forever 21 Bluebird Knit Tank - $12.90

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