Go Flaming Violets!

Go Flaming Violets!
You know what makes me sad? Not only is this shirt cheaper than anything you can buy at the NYU student store, but it probably fits better, too. Forever 21 Vintaged NYU 1831 Tee - $14.80

Read The Basil and Josephine Stories

Read The Basil and Josephine Stories
I am obsessed with F. Scott Fitzgerald. No, really. Obsessed. I realize this is not particularly original, and makes me kind of like those people who list "the Beatles" as their favorite band and act like it makes them a music connoisseur - nearly everyone loves the Beatles, way to find an obscure band there, ...

SubtlePink 1

Being forward is good, but there's something to be said for the art of subtlety. These are from Victoria Secret's Pink line, so I'm guessing that once rush week is over, every sorority girl on campus will be wearing these. These shirts are less "Victoria's Secret" and more "Victoria's Self Esteem Issues That Lead to ...

9/02/10 3

Today is a day of great importance: it is 9/02/10. Understandably, anyone alive during the early 90s (or the five teenagers who watch the remake) are in a tizzy over this. Even the city of Beverly Hills is going all-out, with a celebration the likes of which has only been seen in the Math club ...

Hot Topic Has a Fever 3

Hot Topic Has a Fever
When I was growing up, Hot Topic was a refuge for the local "alternative" kids who were only at the mall because it had air conditioning. Or so I heard - I can't remember ever going into one until I was out of high school. As a young teenager, I wouldn't dare shop at a ...

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