Staring at the Sun 3

Staring at the Sun
In addition to selling both adorable and baffling retro-inspired clothes and accessories, ModCloth has managed to assemble a diverse group of hipster models. YWMTWW? favorites include the Blasé Moddle, ModLol, and of course, the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth. Now, with this renewed blogging push, it's time for another ModCloth Moddle to join their illustrious ...

It’s the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown! 3

It's the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown!
Halloween is approaching, and even the Blasé ModCloth Moddle is getting into the spirit. It's nice to see that even the most jaded among us still have some magic in their hearts. ModCloth Lady of Song Hat - $62.99

My So-Cloche Life 8

My So-Cloche Life
I know we're not supposed to value things more than people. I know that. A thing can't care about you, can't care for you, can't provide support or love. But things can change you. Clothes, a haircut, a piercing - they change you in a way that people rarely can. School is a battlefield for ...

Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One 2

Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One
People sometimes rail against gifts from mainstream stores, as if there's something less original or special about buying presents from a store in a mall. I'm not in that camp. Many a time have I rushed to the mall on December 23rd with a list of friends I forgot to buy gifts for written on ...

Hawk Trapper 2

Hawk Trapper
I know guys don't get to have a lot of fun with accessories. But that's not an excuse for this hat: I can already picture the legions of frat guys who will be donning this hat within weeks. It'll replace their pukka shell necklaces and UFC t-shirts as their favorite wardrobe staple. I can't be ...

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