Blasé Moddle Takes a Pic 2

Blasé Moddle Takes a Pic
About a month ago, I found the counterpoint to the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth. While the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth possessed a quiet serenity and confidence, this new model projected a distinct hipster surliness that earned her the title of Blasé Moddle. In the past, Blasé Moddle has been paired with hipster-approved accessories, ...

Head Not to Scale 4

Head Not to Scale
I don't like to compare and contrast; every model has their own look and style. So, whenever I do a model post, I spend way too much time worrying about whether or not I'll be hurting the feeling of other models. God, I'm neurotic. I've included this preamble because Many months ago, the Hardest Working ...

The ModLol Plays Childish Games 1

The ModLol Plays Childish Games
When I was a small child, I wanted earmuffs. They looked so wintery and fun. The Peanuts gang wore them, and if the Peanuts gang wore them, they must be worth owning, right? I can only imagine that they would have quickly degenerated into this once my brother and I started fighting. ModCloth Winter Bloom ...

Bow Down 5

Bow Down
I should not be posting this dress. It's a perfectly nice dress. Not my style, but I don't hate it. Even the giant rosette isn't that offensive to me. In fact, if not for the following picture, this dress never would have made it onto the blog. Only Forever 21 would look at this dress ...

Head Trauma

Head Trauma
Remember when a cartoon character would get a toothache, so he'd wrap a bandage around his head and tie it in a bow on top? Yeah, like that. ModCloth Through the Wire Headband in Roses - $16.99

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