Holy Father Mollusc the IV 2

Holy Father Mollusc the IV
I have one very, very important question, you guys: Why is this cephalopod wearing a Pope hat? ModCloth Sea Creations Shower Curtain - $24.99

Boo! (hoo, hoo) 1

Boo! (hoo, hoo)
I am not much of a tea or coffee drinker. In fact, other than soda while I'm hosting trivia, I drink almost exclusively water. It's one of the few healthy things I do in life (the other being that I have limited my rubber cement huffing to once a month and special occasions). I might, ...

Friday Feets: Etsy for Japan, p. 2 10

Friday Feets: Etsy for Japan, p. 2
Like I said yesterday, there are a ton of artists on Etsy who are donating at least a portion of the proceeds from their sales to the relief efforts in Japan. You can find both the first post (Etsy Jewelry) here. So here's part two: clothes, homewares, food, and art. Left: Laurelin Sailor Star Wanderer ...

Public Service Announcement #12: Magic Mirror

Public Service Announcement #12: Magic Mirror
Mirror, Mirror on the wall Who is the douchiest one of all? Famed is thy douchery, Pauly D. But hold, a bigger douche I see. A midlife crisis approaching and child support payments due. Indeed, he is far douchier than you. Say what? Mirror, show his punk ass to me, so that his giant douchery ...

Public Service Announcement #11: Coasting

Public Service Announcement #11: Coasting
You love your bros, but you hate the water rings their Red Bulls leave on your coffee table. The problem is, nothing ruins your carefully curated rep quite like having to say, "Bro, please use a coaster." ... until now. Never spend another Sunday morning desperately scrubbing the water stains out of your totally sweet ...

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