Rave Reviews 9

Rave Reviews
Thanks to the hard work and focus of my boyfriend's coworkers, I am thrilled to share the latest in ravewear (according to a video posted by AMI Clubwear). First and foremost: people still go to raves? Is this a tie in with The 90s Are All That? Because I thought raves stopped being A Thing ...

Modlol Moddles 1

Modlol Moddles
Hey, remember how a couple weeks ago, I turned a ModCloth model into a ModLol? Yeah, that's going to be a thing I do. ModCloth The Cat In the Hood - $68.99

New ModCloth Moddle 4

New ModCloth Moddle
ModCloth has (what I'm pretty sure is) a new model. She does a very good job with what I can only describe as "a lot of crazy shit." There's really no other way to explain it.  Case in point: A fur hood with ears and paw pockets. How very Raccoon Mario. But I do like ...

Hoodwinked 5

I was just going to post a picture of a dress I liked because I had kind of a bad day yesterday, and I'm running late to an appointment today. So yeah, I was going to be lazy. And I saw this, and thought "Oh, awesome. That's a nice dress. I'll post that one." Then ...

All Hail the ModCloth Hat Model

I've spoken before about the hardest working model at ModCloth. She diligently and skillfully models a wide variety of hats and headbands. This noble model wears every piece of headgear, no matter how absurd, with absolute conviction. Never once have I seen her in a hat or headband and thought, "Wow, she looks miserable." She's ...

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