Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever 4

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever
With less than a week till Halloween, there isn't much time left to order a costume online. The good news is, your Halloween costume is only as far as the nearest Bebe store. You know what Wonder Woman's outfit was missing? Giant saddlebag-inspired pockets. Sure, they're wildly unflattering, but where else are you going to ...

Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision
"Young lady, if you think you're taking one step out of the house looking like that, you've got another thing coming. I don't care if this is how the ShopBop stylists told you to dress, you look like a bag lady who raided the Newsies wardrobe department." "But Mooooooom ...." Madewell Windy Day Jacket - ...

Aloha … Oy

Aloha ... Oy
The fact that I am posting at all today shows just how dedicated I am to really, really bad clothing. My family decided to take a trip to Hawaii. They foolishly agreed to bring me along - foolishly because I should not be allowed out in public. On the plane today I way too loudly ...

Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby

Oh man, I'm so excited. I've finally found the perfect jacket for my barbershop quartet. AE Menswear Blazer - $49.50

Dyed Velvet

Yeah, sure they're being sold as separates. But let's be honest here: if you're going to wear tie-dyed velvet, you might as well go all-out and wear a tie-dyed velvet suit, right? Betsey Johnson Tye Dye Velvet Jacket - $248 Betsey Johnson Tye Dye Velvet Leggings - $98

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