I Ain’t Lion

I Ain't Lion
I am not a big fan of jumpers. That goes without saying. But let's take my distaste for jumpers out of the equation. Let's say I'm undercover on a boat full of crime lords, and one of the henchmen has wired the boat to blow. In the ensuing explosion I'm flung from the boat and ...

Two Boxes of Thin Mints?

I must have missed something. When did Girl Scout couture become popular? ModCloth Picture Day Jumper - $49.99

Some Mad Plaid

Every time I think, "There is no way I could possibly do another post on a denim jumper with a plaid skirt," Forever 21 designs something else, and I know it's my duty to bring it to all of you. I should know better by now. It's like how, in cartoons, you never say "Well, ...

Denim Dresses Are Not Okay

If you like planning your Halloween costume months in advance, I have one for you: Bitchy popular girl from any 90s teen movie. Combine with thick platform Mary Janes, full hair, and a posse of slightly insecure, slightly less pretty cheerleaders. If that's not your style, you can always go for this: Throw some paint ...

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