The Lost Art of Subtlety 8

The Lost Art of Subtlety
Let's be honest: what woman hasn't tried on a dress and felt as if it didn't draw enough attention to their breasts? I don't just mean a dress that's low-cut or tight. Sometimes, it just isn't enough. Fortunately, Bebe's designers are known for their unique ability to subtly highlight a woman's best assets. It's all ...

Eye Spy 2

In the past, I have claimed that a particularly busy pattern on a skirt or top reminds me of a Magic Eye picture.I think that this dress actually is meant to be one. Can you see it?Frederick's Of Hollywood Drape Front Sublimation Dress - $49

Please Stop Avril Before Someone Gets Hurt

I ... so ... these are real. People. These pants are real. They once sold for $50. Kohl's seems to think that they'll sell for $20.They have zigzags in black and white. With random bursts of color. I have a migraine just from trying to get my eyes to focus. Can you imagine these in ...

Eye Spy

Stare at the skirt. Is it just me, or does anyone else see a 3-D shark? Forever 21 Confetti Party Dress - $22.80

Magic Eye

Looking at these skirts and tops, I can't help but feel like Ethan Suplee's character from Mallrats. I just keep staring at them, but I can't see the damn sailboat. I'm pretty sure that first skirt was used in the poster for The Mothman Prophecies. Man, the ways in which these patterns would be unflattering ...

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