GPS Dress 4

GPS Dress
The Herve Leger Banded Mesh-Trim Dress: Because sometimes a nude, skintight dress just isn't subtle enough. The only way to really get your message across is with a road map. Herve Leger Banded Mesh-Trim Dress - $3,200

Who Wears Short Suits? 2

Who Wears Short Suits?
You've spent an entire day shopping for clothes you can wear to the office when it's 92° with 92% humidity. Finally, you stumble into Bebe. Your hair is flat from the repeated cycles of sweating on the street and cooling in the air conditioned stores. Your whole body feels sticky. You walk with your arms ...

Pure Imagination 3

Pure Imagination
My first thought, upon seeing these gloves, was "Who at Forever 21 raided Willy Wonka's closet?" I have no idea why this was my first thought. In the original, Willy Wonka didn't wear gloves. And he certainly did not wear mesh gloves with overgrown scrunchies around the wrists. Yes, that's right. Even a man wearing ...

The One With the Flow Chart 10

See, this is why I try to avoid the Topshop website. Because they sell things like this. This is a fishnet skirt. That they are selling. To people. For money. Many times, I will ask the public at large, "Who would wear this?" or "Why would you wear this? This is not one of those ...

Frill of the Hunt 2

Oh crap, you guys. Stand very, very still. I think we've startled the leggings. Forever 21 Mesh Ruffle Trim Leggings - $24

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