Staring at the Sun 3

Staring at the Sun
In addition to selling both adorable and baffling retro-inspired clothes and accessories, ModCloth has managed to assemble a diverse group of hipster models. YWMTWW? favorites include the Blasé Moddle, ModLol, and of course, the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth. Now, with this renewed blogging push, it's time for another ModCloth Moddle to join their illustrious ...

It’s the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown! 3

It's the Blasé Moddle, Charlie Brown!
Halloween is approaching, and even the Blasé ModCloth Moddle is getting into the spirit. It's nice to see that even the most jaded among us still have some magic in their hearts. ModCloth Lady of Song Hat - $62.99

Blasé Moddle Takes a Pic 2

Blasé Moddle Takes a Pic
About a month ago, I found the counterpoint to the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth. While the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth possessed a quiet serenity and confidence, this new model projected a distinct hipster surliness that earned her the title of Blasé Moddle. In the past, Blasé Moddle has been paired with hipster-approved accessories, ...

Blasé Moddle is Blasé 2

Blasé Moddle is Blasé
ModCloth has a new model in their stable (or new to me, which makes her new to the world as far as I'm concerned). Other than her awesome hair and slight resemblance to a young Rachel Leigh Cook, what's most striking about this new model is how completely blasé she appears to be in all ...

ModLol On the Case

ModLol On the Case
I'm concerned - the ModLol's been awful quiet, and no good ever comes from a quiet ModLol. Let's check in with her to make sure she's not getting into too much trouble. Oh, ModLol. You're such a rascal. ModCloth Crystal Cl-earrings - $34.99

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