Accio, Midriff 1

Accio, Midriff
I know that the Hogwarts dress code's been significantly more lax over the years, but I have a hunch that this cropped Hogwarts tee would warrant a disapproving scowl from Professor McGonagall. It just gets a scowl from me for the fact that it's $24.50. Delia*s Harry Potter Hogwarts Tee - $24.50

MTV’s 300

MTV's 300
I'm pretty sure the inside of my brain is just a haphazard decoupage of memes and pop culture references. This blog is evidence enough, but just in case you wanted more proof - I saw this t-shirt: And this is what I imagined: Then I spent thirty minutes - and, coincidentally, a rerun of Awkward. ...

Like That Book By Nabokov 8

Like That Book By Nabokov
Fact: I adore GapKids. I can't wait for the children of America to get fat enough that GapKids starts making clothes in my size. Plain and simple, my devotion to GapKids is of equal intensity as my disdain for The Gap. However, every company is capable of a misstep here or there, such as selling ...

She’s All Mean Girls Drive Me Crazy in Pink 6

She's All Mean Girls Drive Me Crazy in Pink
Quick quiz: - Are you 17 but could pass for 29? - Are you the most popular girl in school but seem to only have three friends? - Have you been planning your prom since you were ten? - Do you wear short skirts, high heels, and/or are you cheer captain? - Do you regularly ...

Costume Ideas #24: Cruella de Vil 1

Costume Ideas #24: Cruella de Vil
Many people complain that stores start pushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year, but my biggest issue is when they push Halloween early. I love Halloween, but it's a decidedly "fall" holiday, and I'm just not ready to deal with it in July. Now that I'm back at school, I'm starting to face the inevitability ...

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