Support Garments 1

Support Garments
Nicole M. posted this to the fanpage. Normally, I like to respond to comments with my usual wit and nuance, but in this case, all I could muster was "Are they high at Forever 21?" Because, seriously, that's the only explanation for why they thought a black lace bra on top of a white t-shirt ...

A Tribute To What?

A Tribute To What?
For some reason, the fanpage's timeline is skipping the bulk of May and June, so I can't find the name of the person who posted these shoes. If you're the reader, let me know so I can credit you, because these are a hell of a find. The timeline is back - thanks, Nicole M, ...

The Hills Have Eyes 5

The Hills Have Eyes
Thanks to Nicole M. over at the Facebook group, who posted this shirt with the following: "I can't believe this exists. New York & Company has failed us all with the 'Winking Eye Graphic Tee.'" This model is trying very hard to make this shirt seem normal. Wink all you want, Overly-Enthusiastic Blonde Model.  No ...

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